Car park

BEC has a underground car park. The area where the pavilion number 5 is located (where the party is being held) is green in colour.

Once attendants have parked their cars they'll have to take the lift in order to go to the check-in desk. Once checked in they will get to the party place using the mechanical stairs or by lift.

Payment form

Payment will be made through the machines in the entrance aisle.

As in previous editions we have reached agreement with BEC so that we can offer attendants cheaper parking facilities.

In the machines will be an option for Euskal Encounter "GLOBAL" whose price will be 6€. You will have to insert the entrance ticket, pay 6€ and the ticket will be validated.

The system will be operational from 12:00h on the 21st (if it is parked before that time, the "Bono Euskal" does not apply) until the 25th, so during this period the ticket can be validated at any time. Being able to keep it validated until the day of departure.

It is also possible to pay for the parking time, so you get out by the usual way in a public car park.

Anyway, it is necessary always to keep the ticket for you will not be allowed out without it.

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