Open Intro Compo

This competition, like the Open Demo Compo, consists of undertaking a production that combines creativity, ingenuity and technique; but, in contrast, it is limited to a maximum size of 64k. This requires of a high knowledge of the hardware of the CPU, the graphics, the operating system and other libraries in order to achieve a small, compact production.

This competition is subject to the general rules.

We'll accept entries for any programmable platform. This includes Windows, Mac, Linux, Java, Consoles, Mobile Phones (Android, iPhone, Java ME...), Browsers (Javascript/WebGL/Flash/Unity3D/Silverlight...), 8-bit/16-bit computers, Calculators...

Maximum size: 64KB.

In the case of platforms able to execute native code, the intro must be delivered in a single executable file of no more than 64KB. Web intros can have more than one file, but the total size for all the files cannot exceed 64 KB.

Libraries such as msvcr70.dll won't be available in the system.

No data must be written to the hard disk; if need be, files should be written to the system's temp directory and deleted when the entry finishes.

Pressing ESC, the left mouse button (in Amiga) or similar equivalent actions in any other platform must result in the entry exiting instantly. Otherwise the entry will be disqualified.

The entry must run without administrative or superuser privileges.

In the event that there is a huge amount of entries, we might show only the first ten minutes of each one, although they can be longer.

Together with the entry, submit a video render of it.

Only one entry per group or author will be allowed.

Example of production:

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