This competition consists of creating a song by using classic trackers. The end result is not a .wav or .mp3 file where the resultant wave is stored but a file which, when executed with the appropriate interpreter, calculates this song in real time.

This competition is subject to the general rules.

Allowed formats: XM, IT, S3M or XRNS (Renoise).

Maximum size: 2 MB.

Only samples and internal effects will be allowed for XRNS songs. Never VSTis or external plug-ins. 

We will use the latest version of Renoise to play the XRNS songs, and the latest version of XMPlay for the rest of songs.

In the event that there is a huge amount of entries, we might show only the first three minutes of each one, although they can be longer.

Only one entry per group or author will be allowed.

Example of production:

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